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Artificial Intelligence in Retail, Part 3: What Startups Are Doing with AI

Executive Summary

This is the third report in a short series looking at the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in retail. 

In this report, we explore what startups are doing with AI in the context of our proprietary CORE framework, which stands for Communication, Optimization of pricing, Rationalization of inventory and Experiential retail:

  • Capillary Technologies uses AI and machine learning to help brands gain a better understanding of consumer demands and provide a more personalized shopping experience 
  • Eversight’s Pricing Suite uses AI-driven data to predict consumer behavior and help retailers with pricing and promotions. 
  • Radius8 helps retailers merchandise products by collecting data in and around store locations, such as inventory, weather, events, shoppers’ online browsing behavior and online sales trends.
  • AI-driven analytics startup Near has developed Allspark, a software-as-a-service offering, which helps retailers use their own data to identify brand affinity by audience, where they live, work and shop.

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