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2019 China E-Commerce Trends Midyear Update

Executive Summary

At midyear, we look at how major trends have played out in China e-commerce. In this report, we review the first half of 2019 and identify two additional trends we think will be significant for e-commerce in China in the second half of the year. This report updates our 10 Trends for China E-Commerce 2019 report.

Our Top Five Trends as of Midyear 2019:

  • Daigou continues to decline, with duty-free sales dropping precipitously.
  • Short video apps add e-commerce functions to monetize traffic.
  • WeChat mini programs add logistics API to fuel growth.
  • Parcel delivery will be even faster: Brands need to adapt.
  • New Retail will continue to prevail in online/offline integration.

Two Trends We Expect to Play Out in the Second Half:

  • Live streaming will emerge as the winning tool to sell plus-size apparel online in China.
  • Shoppers in lower-tier cities will drive group buying.


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