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10 Trends for China E-Commerce 2019

Executive Summary

We expect 2019 will be a dynamic year for e-commerce in China. Consumers have high expectations and competition is stiffening. Here are 10 trends we think will shape China’s e-commerce landscape in 2019:

  • Demand for quality imported e-commerce goods will increase.
  • Daigou, people buying on others’ behalf overseas, could decline.
  • Non-tier-1 cities will drive e-commerce growth.
  • Mobile e-commerce will continue to prevail.
  • Short video apps will push content e-commerce.
  • WeChat mini programs will become more popular as a cost-efficient tool for social commerce.
  • New Retail will increase with greater online-offline integration.
  • Parcel delivery will be faster. Brands need to adapt.
  • Fresh-food e-commerce will gain traction.
  • Alibaba and will compete more intensely in luxury e-commerce.

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