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10 Trends in Mass Retail—Dollar Stores, Mass Merchandisers and Warehouse Clubs

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As US mass retail moves beyond the pandemic and toward a new set of challenges—including sky-high inflation and widespread supply chain disruptions—we present 10 trends in the industry to explore how retail players can best navigate the path ahead.

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10 Trends in US Mass Retail: Coresight Research Analysis

  1. Revamping Supply Chains To Address Inventory Imbalances
  2. Improving Wages and Benefits
  3. Proliferation of Private-Label Essentials
  4. The Rise of Retail Media
  5. Repurposing of Brick-and-Mortar Stores
  6. From Customer Loyalty to Customer Centricity
  7. Reimaging Stores and Store Formats
  8. The Diversification of Payment Methods
  9. Growth of Livestreaming
  10. Sustainability and Circularity

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