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June 2020 US Retail Traffic and In-Store Metrics: Traffic Declines by 62%, Plateauing Toward the End of the Month

June 2020 saw total US nonfood store traffic decline by 62% year over year, representing an improvement from May as coronavirus-led lockdowns were lifted. However, we saw the impact of many states’ reversals of reopening guidelines by the end of the month. We review store traffic changes through the month and the sectors most impacted by the current crisis.

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Costco Monthly Sales, June 2020: Highest Total Comp Growth in the Past Year, but E-Commerce Growth Decelerates

Costco’s global same-store sales increased year over year in June, although e-commerce growth decelerated. We review the comparable sales metrics reported by Costco for June 2020 and consider the factors that impacted results—including coronavirus-led store closures and gasoline price deflation.

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