How Retailers Are Capitalizing on the $68 Billion Livestream Shopping Opportunity

May 23, 2023Register for free access
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Livestream shopping draws a direct line between consumer impressions and sales, and offers scope for brands to creatively engage shoppers amid an increasingly crowded online market. In our webinar on May 23, 2023, Coresight Research and industry experts explored how retailers are capitalizing on the $68 billion livestream shopping opportunity. Featured speakers in this webinar replay are:
  • Deborah Weinswig, CEO and Founder of Coresight Research
  • Adi Ronen, CEO and Co-Founder of buywith
  • David MacDonald, Managing Director at Publicis Commerce
Key questions that this event answered include:
  • How are companies using livestream shopping to elevate the customer experience and increase brand loyalty in the long run?
  • Why is connected commerce and contextual shopping giving way to growth-led customer experience building?
  • How does live commerce allow retailers and brands to blend physical and digital experiences in an impactful way?
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