Age of Precision Category Management: Using Hyper-Localized Assortment Optimization to Meet Shopper Demand

May 12, 2021Register for free access
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The age of precision category management is upon us. Effective assortment and space localization can be a very challenging task for CPG companies and retailers, but if done right with the right methods, the incremental value generated is significant. Whether they are using a cluster approach or not, the ability for retailers and CPG companies to leverage store-level data in new ways opens up new opportunities to have the right product assortment to meet shopper demand across any store. On May 12, 2021, Deborah Weinswig, CEO and Founder of Coresight Research, was joined by Steve Weir, VP, Client Services, NA, at HIVERY, and Zach Simpson, Director of Customer Success at HIVERY, to discuss the significant incremental value to retailers and CPG companies of optimizing assortment at the store level using advanced technologies in machine learning (ML) and data science (DS). The event covered the following key topics:
  • Key industry trends that are impacting CPG and retailers, with a focus on effective product localization, in-store execution and harnessing the power of data to meet shoppers' expectations
  • How both retailers and their suppliers can achieve the goal of shopper-centricity through the hyper-localization of assortment and space
  • The power of ML and DS models for driving effective localization and space planning. A key to driving category share and incremental revenue lift
Click here to view Coresight Research's presentation, and read key insights from the event in our free report. Click here to read our in-depth research on the age of precision category management.

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