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The On-Demand Manufacturing Revolution in Apparel: Five Factors Fueling Growth

To combat supply chain challenges and reduce overhead costs, many apparel brands and retailers are turning to on-demand manufacturing, either through in-house capabilities or partnerships. We analyze findings from a Coresight Research survey of US-based apparel brands and retailers to identify five key factors that are fueling the growth of on-demand manufacturing in the apparel industry—covering sustainability, advanced technologies and more.

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Headless Commerce: Part 2—Addressing Profitability Issues for Mid-Size E-Commerce Players

Mid-size retailers must take steps to maximize profitability in their e-commerce business. Leveraging proprietary US survey data, we explore the levers of profitability in e-commerce, why brands and retailers should capitalize on artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics, and how CaaS (commerce-as-a-service) can help improve profitability. This free report is sponsored by Nogin.

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The Future of the Digital Workplace: Retail Survey Findings

It is critical for retailers to prioritize digital workplace technology in today’s rapidly evolving retail landscape, with retailers facing challenges in physical store execution and employee management. Leveraging proprietary survey findings, we investigate current industry trends, pain points and the importance of technology in increasing productivity and employee engagement. This free report is sponsored by YOOBIC, a leading digital workplace platform provider.

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