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The On-Demand Manufacturing Revolution in Apparel: Five Factors Fueling Growth

What's Inside

We present five key factors that are fueling the growth of on-demand manufacturing in the apparel industry, leveraging findings from a Coresight Research survey of US-based apparel brands and retailers.

In this report, we cover the following topics:

  • Challenges faced by apparel brands and retailers over the past two years
  • The benefits of on-demand manufacturing over traditional manufacturing
  • Consumers’ desire for sustainable, “Made in USA” and print-on-demand products
  • The adoption of advanced technologies—including artificial intelligence (AI), 3D printing and robotics—by apparel brands and retailers
  • New manufacturing strategies that business will adopt moving forward, including product customization

This free report is sponsored by US-based advanced robotics startup SoftWear Automation.

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The On-Demand Manufacturing Revolution in Apparel: Coresight Research x SoftWear Automation

Five Factors Fueling the Growth of On-Demand Manufacturing

  1. Focus on Sustainability
  2. Demand for “Made in USA” Products
  3. Adoption of Advanced Technologies
  4. Rise in On-Demand Product Customization
  5. Popularity of Print-on-Demand Apparel

What We Think

Survey Methodology

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