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The Future of Pricing: How AI Is Transforming Price Planning in Retail

What are the critical challenges that retailers need to tackle in using AI (artificial intelligence) for price planning, and why is it so important they do so? Dive into our survey-driven insights into the use of AI in retail pricing strategies, as well as the investment landscape, to discover the answer. Get a step ahead in the AI space to effectively execute an optimal pricing strategy.

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Digital Merchandising Strategies: The Power of Automation and 3D Product Imagery in Retail

Product imagery in e-commerce is an important asset for conveying information to customers effectively and efficiently. What are the challenges that brands and retailers face in producing and managing product visuals for e-commerce, and how can they benefit from using CGI (computer-generated imagery)? Explore our proprietary survey findings to gain valuable insights into the power of automation and 3D product imagery in digital merchandising.

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The US Retail Media Market: Understanding the Ad Buyer’s Perspective in CPG

Ad buyers increasingly expect more from retailers’ retail media networks (RMNs), including more personalized and targeted ads. Coresight Research and NIQ explore shortfalls and opportunities in the retail media market, including personalized promotions, from a CPG brand advertiser’s perspective, and discuss their implications for retailers, based on proprietary Coresight Research survey data.

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