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US Online Grocery Survey 2020: Many More Shoppers Buying More Categories from More Retailers

What's Inside

Our third annual US online grocery survey explores who is buying groceries online and from which retailers.

This report discusses findings across the following key topics:

  • The proportion of US consumers buying groceries online, including by age and income levels, and the proportion expecting to buy online in the coming 12 months
  • Whether the coronavirus outbreak has impacted how or whether consumers buy groceries online
  • Which retailers online grocery shoppers bought from—and how online shopper numbers compare to in-store shopper numbers for major retailers
  • Whether Amazon Prime members tend to shop more or less than average at different retailers
  • Which Amazon grocery services (such as Prime Now and Amazon Fresh) shoppers have used
  • Whether respondents mainly use delivery or collection services for grocery e-commerce orders
  • How much of consumers’ total grocery shopping is done online, and which food and nonfood grocery categories they have bought via e-commerce

We provide year-over-year comparisons for many data points. Retailers discussed in this report include Aldi, Amazon, Costco, Kroger, Target, Walmart and Whole Foods Market.


Our August 2020 report US Survey Update: Online Grocery Shopping Looks To Be Here To Stay provides updated survey findings on a number of questions asked in our annual online grocery survey, in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.

Our September 2020 report US E-Commerce: Post-Crisis Outlook provides updated estimates for online grocery market growth.

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