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US Off-Pricers Face Heightened Competition

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Retailers both within and outside the off-price sector are challenging the value-retail landscape by expanding their assortments, channels and offerings. In this report, we discuss how the competition is shaping up across both online and offline channels for the major US off-price retailers—namely, Burlington Stores, Nordstrom Rack, Ross Stores and The TJX Companies.

We cover developments and strategies by discount retailers (Five Below and Dollar General), big-box retailers (Target and Walmart) and e-commerce giant Amazon.

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What’s the Story?

Why It Matters

US Off-Pricers Face Heightened Competition: Coresight Research Analysis

Discount Retailers: Expanded Categories, Price Points and Physical Store Portfolios

Amazon, Target and Walmart: Top Destinations for Apparel and Home

Online vs. Offline in the Off-Price Sector

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