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US Consumer Tracker: Omicron Variant Drives Heightened Consumer Concern

What's Inside

Coresight Research’s November 29, 2021, survey provides a detailed update on US consumers’ behavior and expectations, with a focus on the implications for US retail.   

This week’s US Consumer Trackercovers thefollowing:   

  • Consumers’ concerns over a winter rise in infections
  • What consumers are doing and where they are going—including avoidance of public places
  • What shoppers are buying online and in-store  
  • Which retailers consumers are buying from—for food and nonfood purchases

Complementing our weekly survey reports, our monthly US Consumer Tracker Extra series offers additional insight, including long-term consumer trends and a detailed analysis of where current patterns will lead in the coming months. Click here to view our full collection of US Consumer TrackerandUS Consumer Tracker Extra reports.   

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