Understanding WeChat, China’s Super App: Part 2 — How WeChat Mini Programs Spell Opportunity for Brands and Retailers


Key Points

WeChat dominates the social media scene in China — so much so that even large companies are leveraging its reach over using their own apps, and even buying add space in WeChat games. To tap into this opportunity, WeChat has been developing “mini programs” that operate within WeChat but function as a separate company app would, allowing users to order, pay for, pick up or have goods delivered. What’s the opportunity?

  • Most WeChat mini program users are 18–39 years old.
  • Users are evenly spread across different city tiers.
  • Gaming, retail and tools are the most popular WeChat mini programs.
  • WeChat mini programs can be a valuable tool for companies and brands to reach customers.
  • WeChat’s social aspect makes it dramatically different to stores’ native apps.

Introduction Since launch in early 2017, WeChat mini programs have grown quickly. As of June 2018, there were about 260 million daily

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