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Unboxed: The $258 Billion US Corporate Gifting Opportunity

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The corporate gifting market is large and growing. We explore the flurry of opportunities in the US corporate gifting market, leveraging findings from our recent surveys of corporate gift givers.

We present six key things that retailers and solution providers should know about the US corporate gifting market, covering the following:

  • Changes in the market over the past year (including the impacts of the pandemic)
  • Corporate gifting occasions
  • Gift categories
  • Advantages of corporate gifting—including the sentimental proposition and DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion)
  • One-to-many corporate gifting—frequency, per-unit spending and average order values
  • The management and execution of corporate gifting—and how outsourcing can help alleviate challenges

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Unboxed: The $258 Billion US Corporate Gifting Opportunity—Coresight Research x GiftNow Analysis

  1. The Near-Term Corporate Gifting Outlook Is Strong
  2. Corporate Gifting Is Not Confined To the Holidays
  3. Gift Cards Are the Most Popular Gifting Category; Experiences Are Gaining Popularity
  4. The Sentimental Proposition of Gifting Champions All Else; Gift Givers Leverage Corporate Gifting To Support DEI
  5. The Market Is Seeing Less Frequent Gifting, Pricier Gifts and Improved Gifting Budgets
  6. Outsourcing Corporate Gifting Can Help Alleviate Challenges

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