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Unpacking Holiday Gifting: Shoppers’ Plans and Retail Opportunities

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E-commerce is playing an increasingly important role in gift shopping. We present insights into holiday shoppers’ plans for buying gifts this season, as well as shoppers’ pain points in digital gift purchasing.

This report leverages findings from an October 2021 proprietary survey of US holiday shoppers. We identify and explore key trends across the following topics:

  • Shopper sentiment for buying gifts
  • Holiday shoppers’ likelihood to search for and buy gifts across selected channels, including online
  • The impact of Covid-19 on holiday spending via e-commerce
  • When shoppers expect to start and finish holiday shopping this year
  • Gifts that shoppers would like to receive and expect to purchase this holiday season
  • Challenges in online gift shopping

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What’s the Story?

Why It Matters

Unpacking Holiday Gifting: Coresight Research Survey Analysis

Summing Up the Opportunity in Holiday Gifting

Shopper Sentiment for Buying Gifts Is Positive

Online Will Be a Major Destination for Gift Buying This Holiday

The Shift to Online Gift Purchasing Will Be More Than Just a Temporary Trend

The Shopping Window Is Long This Holiday Season—First-Mover Advantage Is Up for Grabs

Physical Gift Cards To Dominate This Holiday Season

Challenges Remain in Gift Shopping Online

Shoppers Are Receptive to Innovative Digital Gift-Giving Services Despite Low Penetration

Holiday Gifting in 2021 and Beyond: Key Recommendations


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