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Theatro: Empowering the Next Generation of Store Associates

Executive Summary

  • Theatro provides a voice platform, virtual voice assistant and a voice-controlled wearable for brick-and-mortar retail employees to help improve in-store communication, worker productivity and customer engagement. The company has developed a small (1.5 oz.) Wi-Fi-based wearable and voice platform that connects employees to one another, to headquarters and to the retailer’s information systems (think Siri or Alexa in an earbud).
  • Theatro’s voice-based application platform connects store associates to their Wi-Fi network, allowing, for example, inventory lookup or a price check with a simple voice command. This removes the need for associates to walk to a terminal or to the stock room to check or pull inventory, conduct a price check or request floor support.
  • Retailers that have used the tool in stores have seen associates save, on average, 12% more of their time. They have also seen a 77% increase in associate response time and higher loyalty registrations, which has led to lower in-store abandonment rates and higher sales.

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