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Sustainability at Tapestry: Three Brands United by a Single Vision

What's Inside

This report kicks off our new series exploring the commitments of selected major retailers to sustainability, through the lens of Coresight Research’s EnCORE framework.

In this report, we focus on Tapestry, a US-based, multinational, luxury fashion holding company. We cover the following key content:

  • The history of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) at Tapestry—through its three brands and at a corporate level
  • The company’s 2025 corporate responsibility goals
  • Tapestry’s ESG initiatives—as aligned with the EnCORE framework (from “Environmental engagement” to “Excellence in reporting and communicating”) and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.
  • The company’s commitment to the community, as exemplified by its response to the Covid-19 crisis

For a more detailed discussion around the development of sustainability in retail and the five components of our EnCORE framework, read our free report: “The Time for Sustainability in Retail Is Now

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