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Retail Innovation Club Annual Event: Start-Ups are Central to Consumer-Driven Innovation

Executive Summary

On June 3, Israel’s Retail Innovation Club hosted its annual event in Netanya, Israel, connecting senior members of the retail industry with Israeli retail-tech start-ups. This report features our insights from the event.

  • Innovation in retail is driven by the customer in every aspect, from providing an environment that encourages shopping behavior to managing perceptions about being tracked throughout the shopping process.
  • Start-ups are essential to the retail industry’s ability to adapt to change and remain relevant.
  • The consumer experience is the new battleground, replacing price and product. Consumers don’t have to go to stores any more – they have to want to go. 
  • The pace of change and innovation is being driven by four main players: 1. Established manufacturers, 2. Established retailers, 3. Start-ups, and 4. Big tech companies.

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