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Playbook: How Retailers Can Capitalize on Opportunities in IPOs

What's Inside

The Coresight Research Playbook series provides recommendations for brands, retailers and marketplaces seeking to tap growth segments and emerging trends.

Coresight Research has identified corporate evolution as one of the key trends to watch in retail.

In this Playbook, we cover the following:

  • Four key strategies for global retail players to capitalize on growth opportunities in IPOs
  • A four-step action plan for brand owners and retailers seeking to go public via an IPO
  • Two approaches for countering key challenges in IPOs

Read our separate Playbook on capitalizing on opportunities in M&A and SPACs here. Read our report on IPOs in US and UK retail here.

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IPOs in Retail: A Playbook

Four Key Strategies To Adapt to Recent Trends in IPOs

A Four-Step Action Plan for Retailers Seeking To Go Public via IPO

Two Approaches for Retailers To Counter Key Challenges

What We Think

Appendix: About Coresight Research’s RESET Framework

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