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Operating in a Post-Coronavirus World: How Indian Retailers Can Navigate the Road to Recovery

What's Inside

The 2020 coronavirus pandemic has seen governments across the globe impose lockdowns and restrictions to curb the spread of the virus and protect their citizens, and India is no exception. We discuss the wide-ranging impacts of the ongoing lockdown on India’s retail sector and explore how retailers have responded to the crisis.

This report covers the following key topics:

  • Total number of coronavirus cases and deaths in India to date
  • The retailer sector’s share of GDP and employment in India—and retailers’ expectations for recovery from the coronavirus lockdown
  • How India’s retail sector has adapted during lockdown—including strategic partnerships and delivery services in the grocery sector, as well as consumer-engagement efforts by nonfood retailers
  • Challenges that lie ahead on the road to recovery—such as inefficiencies in supply chains and shopper caution

We present our recommended approach for retailers to survive the post-coronavirus reocovery period and emerge stronger, which comprises three actions:

  • Examining costs
  • Redesigning physical spaces
  • Refocusing resources to digital commerce

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