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Influencer Marketing in Luxury: Video-First and Virtual

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Traditional marketing campaigns appear to be ceding relevance as social media’s reach and that of influencers becomes increasingly ubiquitous.

We discuss how luxury brands can use influencers to drive sales, what younger consumer audiences seek and the future of luxury influencer marketing.

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What’s the Story?

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The Role of Luxury Influencers: Coresight Research Analysis

  1. Luxury Consumers Seek Insights from Influencers Before They Buy
  2. Celebrities Are the Primary Type of Influencer Consumers Follow
  3. “Genuinfluencers” Appear Integral To Pursuing Sustainability Goals
  4. Virtual Influencers May Be the Future of the Influencer Industry
  5. Video Content and Powerful Visuals Are Important Drivers of Luxury Sales
  6. Luxury Brands Should Utilize Video-Led Platforms To Tap Younger Shoppers

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