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Inclusivity in Retail: Trends from 2021, Learnings for 2022


What's Inside

Coresight Research has identified inclusivity—providing equal access for people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized—as a key trend to watch in retail and a component trend of Coresight Research’s RESET framework for change.

We explore progress in 2021 and present our expectations for the development of inclusivity in retail in 2022, across areas such as adaptive products, gender-free and plus-size offerings, and the diversification of suppliers.

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What’s the Story?

Why It Matters

Inclusivity in Retail—Trends from 2021, Learnings for 2022: Coresight Research Analysis

Adaptive Retail Moves Beyond Apparel and Footwear

Gender-Free Merchandise Extends into More Categories

The Plus-Size Market Is Expanding

Brands and Suppliers Are Improving Diversity

Investments Increasingly Focus on Diversity and Inclusion Programs

What We Think

Appendix: About Coresight Research’s RESET Framework


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