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Earnings Insights 2Q20, Week 2: Canada Goose Stores See Slow Start in North America and Europe

What's Inside

Our weekly Earnings Insights reports feature highlights from recent management commentary at major US retailers within our Coresight 100 coverage list, as they report second-quarter 2020 earnings. We condense what retail companies are reporting regarding the following key content, with a focus on the impact of the coronavirus crisis:

  • Management commentary on demand trends in the second quarter (where reported)—including comparable sales growth, details on consumer demand by category or channel and qualitative insights
  • The strength of e-commerce following temporary store closures
  • Details on the performance of reopened stores, where these have been provided
  • The outlook for demand, as reflected in revenue guidance or more qualitative commentary on the shape or strength of demand—helping to build a picture of a potential US retail recovery in consumer demand

This week, there are highlights from companies that reported in the week ended August 16, including ASOS and Canada Goose.

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