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Coronavirus Insights: US Survey Update—Shoppers’ Post-Lockdown Expectations Sound Alarm Bells for Retail (Select Findings)

What's Inside

This report provides select findings from Coresight Research’s April 22 survey of US consumers on the coronavirus crisis. We asked respondents about the impact of the pandemic on their behaviors and their expectations, with a focus on implications for retailers.

This report is available for free and can be accessed by registering for a free account. Selected findings in this report include:

  • Whether consumers expect to avoid public places or change travel arrangements once the coronavirus lockdowns are eased and businesses reopen.
  • US shoppers’ expectations for holiday-season spending—whether they expect the economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis to affect how much they spend for holiday 2020.
  • Whether consumers expect to switch more spending to e-commerce, longer term; and, whether they expect to spend less on retail purchases overall, once the coronavirus outbreak ends.

Our full report is available to premium subscribers and includes further findings:

  • The types of places respondents expect to avoid after lockdowns end, and how long consumers expect to retain avoidance behaviors for.
  • When respondents expect their spending levels to return to normal.
  • Whether respondents expect to retain behaviors from the coronacirus outbreak period—and if so, which behaviors.
  • How long consumers expect the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis to last in the US.
  • Whether respondents are buying more or less of any retail categories as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak and, if so, which types of products.
  • Whether US shoppers are making more purchases online during the coronavirus outbreak and, if so, which categories.
  • We also asked respondents about their concerns surrounding job and income prospects.

Our latest research provides an update to our previous reports, which were based on surveys undertaken on April 15, April 8, April 1, March 25 and March 17–18.. We provide week-over-week comparisons for many metrics.

In addition to this survey, Coresight Research is publishing ongoing coverage on the coronavirus outbreak which can be accessed here.

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