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Consumer Tech Briefing: Foldable Phones from Samsung and Microsoft, Plus Amazon’s Digital Wellness Offering

What's Inside

Our Consumer Tech Briefing series discusses recent developments in the world of technology. This month we look at new foldable screen smartphone releases from Microsoft and Samsung, as well as Amazon’s latest move into the health-care space.

We discuss the following technology developments:

  • Market growth estimates and white space opportunities for products with flexible screen capabilities and health wearables
  • The launch of Samsung’s latest variant in its folding screen smartphone range, including updates from previous versions, screen sizes, dual-function capacity and price point
  • The unveiling of Microsoft’s first folding screen smartphone—including details on screen functions, multitasking capacities and productivity features
  • Amazon’s latest foray into the health-care space with the launch of its Halo wearable health and wellness monitoring band and associated app.
  • Implications for brands/retailers and technology vendors

Read more about technological innovations in our previous Consumer Tech Briefing report, which looks at developments in the short-video space by three major players, including TikTok.

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