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Capitalizing on Livestream Shopping Opportunities: North America and Europe Retail Executive Survey Findings

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What's Inside

Livestreaming provides a channel for retail companies to meet fast-changing consumer demand—but, to capitalize on the burgeoning live shopping opportunity, they need to establish a live shopping strategy. 

In this Custom Report, we analyze the findings of a proprietary survey of retail executives across North America and Western Europe to examine the opportunities presented by live shopping (livestreaming e-commerce). 

Our insights cover the following key topics:

  • Current use of live shopping—including early adoption, omniplatform hosting, frequency of events and use of live shopping resources
  • Expectations for revenue gains from livestreaming e-commerce
  • Benefits of live shopping and key performance indicators
  • Digital innovation—including the technologies that surveyed companies have used as well as future investment plans

This free report is sponsored by Bambuser, a software-as-a-service company that provides live-video shopping solutions.

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Download the free full report.