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A Guide to Multiplying Retail Media Dollars

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Retail media is an attractive business opportunity for many retailers, and also provides brands with a chance to expand their customer base and increase revenue. To capitalize on this emerging opportunity, companies need to establish a winning retail media strategy.

In this Custom Report, we analyze key trends in the market and offer recommendations for retailers to optimize their retail media strategy. Our insights are informed by a proprietary survey of US-based retailers, conducted in August 2022.

We cover the following key topics:

  • Current shares of advertising budgets going to retail media
  • Retail media as an incremental source of revenue
  • Rising competition from new entrants
  • The benefits of an integrated retail media network

This free report is sponsored by Swiftly, a retail technology solution provider that offers retail media solutions, helping retailers monetize their digital advertising dollars and build customer loyalty.

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Market Scale and Opportunity

Retail Media: Coresight Research x Swiftly Analysis

Trends in the Retail Media Market

Different Types of Retail Media

Build or Partner? Key Considerations for Retailers

Case Study: Swiftly Partners with TSMC

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