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30 Global Retail Cities: Miami

Executive Summary

With this series, 30 Global Retail Cities, we profile the world’s major shopping cities – from fashion capitals such as Milan to shopping hubs such as Honolulu and Bermuda. We curated the top retail stores in each city, along with must-see shopping districts, major retail events and innovative store formats.

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  • Miami is the most populous metro region in the southern US after Washington, D.C., is home to people from a variety of cultural backgrounds – and has the largest concentration of international banks of any city in the US.
  • Iniva Boutique is a concept store that features arts, crafts, décor, apparel, accessories and home design pieces from Africa.
  • Upper Buena Vista is a no ordinary shopping mall: It’s a quaint collection of shops and eateries and dubs itself a “retail sanctuary” – all set in a jungle-like atmosphere.

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