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10 Trends in the Global Fast-Fashion Market

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Fast fashion is one of the fastest-growing markets in global apparel and footwear. We identify and analyze 10 trends, including:

  • Alternative models such as resale and rental
  • Testing marketplace models
  • Data-driven forecasting
  • Improving supply chain capabilities
  • Launching experiential in-store concepts
  • Entering the metaverse
  • Implementing return fees
  • Leveraging brand mashups
  • Expanding to untapped geographies
  • Making sustainability and inclusivity priorities

Read our report on 10 trends in global apparel and footwear retail here. Learn about Shein’s growth in the fast-fashion market here.

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What’s the Story?

Why It Matters

10 Trends in Global Fast Fashion: Coresight Research Analysis

  1. Capitalizing on Resale and Rental as Alternative Models
  2. Testing Marketplace Models
  3. Implementing Data-Driven Demand Forecasting, Inventory Management and Personalization
  4. Ramping Up Supply Chain Capabilities
  5. Introducing Experiential In-Store Concepts
  6. Entering the Metaverse
  7. Implementing Return Fees To Put Tighter Control on Product Returns and Preserve Margins
  8. Leveraging Brands Mashups
  9. Ramping Up Presence in Untapped Geographies
  10. Making Sustainability and Inclusivity Priorities

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