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Retail 2024: Five Forces and Five Trends Impacting US Retail


Published – January 2024

As part of our Retail 2024 series of outlook reports, our flagship annual report outlines five forces and five retail trends that Coresight Research expects to impact US retail throughout 2024, which we believe will be a year of transition for consumers and retailers alike. Additionally, we identify strategies for brands and retailers to best capitalize on the momentum from each force and trend.

The Coresight Research Retail 2024 series of reports looks ahead to the prospects for retail in 2024, exploring key trends by geography (namely, the US, the UK, China and India) and sector. We will also discuss trends in healthcare and technology.

Data in this research report include:

  • Proprietary survey data on US consumers’ inflation perceptions and shopping and sustainability preferences
  • Proprietary survey data on US consumers’ concerns around retail theft and theft ramifications
  • US fashion resale market: sales by distribution channel and year-over-year growth, 2018–2024E
  • US retail media advertising revenue, 2021–2023E
  • US Fed rate, 2018–2024E


Five Forces and Five Trends Impacting US Retail in 2024: Coresight Research Analysis

  • Five Forces Impacting US Retail in 2024
  • Five Trends in US Retail for 2024

What We Think

  • Implications for Brands and Retailers
  • Implications for Technology Vendors

Notes and Methodology

10-page PDF report

Kohl’s (NYSE: KSS), Lululemon Athletica (NASDAQ: LULU), Macy’s (NYSE: M), Michaels, NIKE (NYSE: NKE), Shein, Walmart (NYSE: WMT), Woolworths Group (OTCMKTS: WOLWF)

  1. Five Forces Impacting US Retail in 2024
  2. US Consumers: Average Screen Attention Span
  3. US Obesity and Obesity Drug Metrics
  4. US: Fed Rate (%)
  5. US HMI
  6. Five US Retail Trends to Look for in 2024
  7. US Consumers: Perception of Inflation and Shopping Preferences
  8. Global Luxury Market: Sales (Left Axis; USD Bil.) and YoY Change (Right Axis; %)
  9. US Fashion Resale Market: Sales by Distribution Channel (Left Axis; USD Bil.) and YoY % Growth (Right Axis)
  10. US Consumer Survey: How Concerned Are Consumers That Stores Serving Their Community Will Raise Prices To Cover the Cost of Increasing Retail Theft
  11. US Consumer Survey: How Would Consumers Respond to Your Local Store Putting Items You Often Buy Under Lock and Key
  12. All Respondents: To What Extent Sustainability Affects from Which Retailers They Choose to Purchase Essentials (% of Respondents)
  13. All Respondents: Which Options They Consider the Most Important Types of Environmental Sustainability for Retailers (% of Respondents)
  14. US Retail Media Advertising Revenue (USD Bil.)