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Are Amazon Prime Membership Numbers Increasing?

Are Amazon Prime Membership Numbers Increasing?
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How Many Consumers Have Prime Memberships?

Over half of US respondents we surveyed in April 2024 had a personal Amazon Prime membership and many others said they had access to Prime via someone else in their household. Coresight Research subscribers can find the latest data points and multiyear trend data in our US Prime Membership Rates chart here. We are seeing sustained resilience for Prime memberships in spite of consumer restraint in the wake of high inflation.

We have long pointed to Prime encouraging cross-category shopping on Amazon.com, strengthening its presence in categories that it was not traditionally associated with, such as grocery.

We recently covered the impact of Prime in our US Retail Loyalty Programs report, which featured additional proprietary consumer data: Maybe unsurprisingly, our survey found Amazon Prime was the retail loyalty/membership program with the greatest number of members. And we will continue to cover Amazon metrics and the impact of Prime membership on shopper behavior in further research reports, including our upcoming yearly Amazon Apparel US Consumer Survey report—our seventh yearly survey-based report on Amazon’s encroachment into fashion retailing. Look out for that report publishing soon.