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Chinese E-Commerce Platforms: Exploring the Diverse Opportunities for Brands

We assess China’s e-commerce landscape, which has evolved over the years to become more diverse, encompassing different verticals, cross-border commerce and social media. We highlight the moves being made by major players in the sector—such as Alibaba and—to drive traffic and better serve consumers, as well as discussing the opportunities in the China market that these platforms are offering brands and retailers.

Is Omnichannel the Future for Furniture Retail?

In the furniture sector, e-commerce continues to grow rapidly as cross-channel shopping trends evolve. The shopping journey is therefore becoming more complex, and retailers are being forced to rethink how they engage with customers. We explore how major players in the home furnishing market are investing in omnichannel transformation, as well as the challenges associated with this type of strategy.

Private Labels in US Beauty and Personal Care

We consider the penetration of private labels in the US beauty and personal care sector over recent years and discuss the impact of contextual factors such as market fragmentation. Private labels remain a hot topic in beauty, particularly in the skincare category, and leading retailers such as Amazon and Walmart debuted private-label beauty products in 2019. We offer our view on why private labels are important for retailers as well as the challenges they present.

The Home Depot: A Timeline of Key Events

Read about the key dates and milestones in Home Depot’s rise to becoming a US home-improvement icon. From its humble beginnings as a more or less giant hardware store when it was founded in 1978, Home Depot has grown into a home improvement staple with more than 2,200 stores.

US Drugstores Adapt to a Digital Age within Healthcare and Beauty

With the drugstore retail sector evolving in the face of digital disruption, we explore how two traditional pharmacy chains—CVS and Walgreens—are responding to competition from e-pharmacy startups and other online rivals. We discuss a number of key strategies that the two companies are implementing to expand their offerings.

Dollar General: A Timeline of Key Events

This report charts the rise of Dollar General from its humble beginnings as a single wholesale outlet in a small town in Kentucky to a discounting behemoth with over 16,000 stores in 44 states. We look at key events that have propelled the company to household name status—and its ambitious plans for future growth.

Retail 2020: 10 Retail-Tech Startup Trends

In 2020, the retail industry will be shaped by emerging technologies that will change the way consumers interact with brands, while retailers will collaborate more than ever with tech startups to future-proof their businesses. Discover our 10 trends for the year.

Retail 2020: Five Forces, 10 Trends in Global Retail

Coresight Research looks ahead at the 10 trends we think will reshape retail in 2020. We expect inclusivity to become more inclusive, innovative business models to become more mainstream and technology to continue to drive retail innovation.

Reviewing 2019 US and UK Store Closures

We review store closures and openings in the US and UK for the full-year 2019. We break down the numbers by sector and analyze the key retailers that significantly contributed to total openings and closures over the course of the year.

Can AR and VR Be Game Changers in Furniture Retail?

Augmented and virtual reality technologies are slowly but surely transforming the shopping experience for consumers in both online and offline retail. We review how various store-based and digital-first furniture retailers are investing in these technologies and assess the impact, challenges and potential of these investments.

Estée Lauder Beauty: A Timeline of Key Events

Tracking Estée Lauder’s rise to prominence from its founding in 1946 to modern beauty icon and innovator. The company now boasts a portfolio of over 25 prestige brands spanning cosmetics, skincare, haircare and fragrances with annual revenues totaling $14.9 billion in fiscal 2018.

Rental, Subscription and Resale: How Companies Are Tapping Demand

Under pressure from subscription and rental services, mainstream retailers are launching rental services of their own and teaming up with digital natives. We’re seeing brick-and-mortar retailers strike collaboration deals with online subscription services, launch their own services—and be acquired as digital natives look for physical space.

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