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The Future of Visual Content in US E-Commerce: Optimizing Your Strategy with AI

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What's Inside

Visual content (product imagery or illustrations that market or sell a product to the consumer) plays a fundamental role in determining success for online brands and retailers.

In this report, we examine the importance of optimal visual content in US e-commerce and analyze the challenges and benefits for brands and retailers in elevating their visual content strategy.

Stand out in the competitive online landscape by implementing our key recommendations to achieve success with your visual content strategy, and understand the role of technology (including AI) in supporting your e-commerce goals. Dive into critical insights from Coresight Research surveys of consumers and brands/retailers.

This report is produced and made available to non-subscribers of Coresight Research in partnership with Vizit, a visual analytics company that leverages computer vision and AI to empower brands and retailers to test, measure and optimize product visuals for maximum effectiveness with any audience.

Data in this research report include:

  • US online retail sales and e-commerce penetration, 2023–2028E
  • US brands and retailers (survey analysis)—number of channels used for sharing product visuals, benefits of visual content testing, challenges and benefits of leveraging technology, challenges that brands and retailers face in collaborating to elevate their visual content strategy, and more!
  • US consumers (survey analysis)— influence of the quality of product imagery on purchase decisions

Other relevant research:

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