Six Livestreaming Myths Debunked: How to Optimize US Livestreaming E-Commerce

March 15, 2022Register for free access
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Livestreaming e-commerce (shoppable video) presents a significant opportunity for brands and retailers to retain consumer engagement online and drive sales through an entertaining and seamless format. On Tuesday, March 15, at 11 am et, join Deborah Weinswig, CEO & Founder of Coresight Research, and Vincent Yang, CEO of Firework, as they provide critical insights into how retailers can optimize their US livestream e-commerce strategies to win in the live-shopping space and debunk six myths about livestreaming e-commerce:   Myth #1: Live-Shopping Marketplaces Dominate the Livestreaming E-Commerce Space Myth #2: Producing Live Video Takes the Same Effort as TV Commercials Myth #3: Broadcasting on Social Media Will Drive Sales Conversion Myth #4: Livestreaming Is Primarily a Tool to Promote Deals Myth #5: Investing in Celebrities Translates to Sales Myth #6: Sales Conversion Is the Only Metric That Matters

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