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Six Livestreaming Myths Debunked: How To Optimize US Livestreaming E-Commerce Strategies

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Livestreaming e-commerce (shoppable live video) presents a significant opportunity for brands and retailers to retain consumer engagement online and drive sales.

Together with Firework, we debunk six myths about livestreaming e-commerce present brands and retailers with critical insights into optimizing their US livestream e-commerce strategies to win in the live-shopping space. 

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Six Livestreaming Myths Debunked: Coresight Research x Firework Analysis

Myth #1: Live-Shopping Marketplaces Dominate the Livestreaming  E-Commerce Space

Myth #2: Producing Live Video Takes the Same Effort as TV Commercials

Myth #3: Broadcasting on Social Media Will Drive Sales Conversion

Myth #4: Livestreaming Is Primarily a Tool To Promote Deals

Myth #5: Investing in Celebrities Translates to Sales

Myth #6: Sales Conversion Is the Only Metric That Matters

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