retailX: Why Shoppable Live Streaming is Here to Stay

August 25, 2021Register for free access
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Livestreaming is a channel that was made popular in China and has recently made waves among US brands and retailers as a new avenue to build consumer engagement and drive ecommerce. Deborah Weinswig, CEO and Founder of Coresight Research, presents a playbook for US brands and retailers on how to leverage livestreaming ecommerce effectively—covering key trends and technologies and best practices for hosting sessions in-house or working with influencers.
  • Although US retailers can take learnings from China, they will need to adapt livestreaming ecommerce strategies to US market conditions to effectively engage consumers and drive sales;
  • In adopting livestreaming, retailers should look to build lasting relationships with viewers, starting from targeting the right customers and connecting with them through the appropriate platform or channel; and
  • Livestreaming is more than a marketing tool; it bridges the divide between the digital channel and physical store, which is particularly important in the short term as consumers remain wary of visiting public places amid pandemic recovery.
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