Coresight Conversations: The Future of Retail with Alex Genov, Head of Customer Research at Zappos

April 14, 2020Register for free access
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Alex Genov, head of Customer Research at Zappos joins Coresight to discuss knowing customers as people in the age of big data and customer service as an art form enhancing customer lifetime value. retailers hav lost sight of their customers and the fundamentals of nurturing consumer relationships. The avalanche of consumer data of the past 20 years hasn’t made a marked difference for many. Topics to be covered include:
  1. What data should retailers focus on?
  2. How can retailers use data for useful insights?
  3. Does COVID-19 provide an opportunity with consumers accessing retailers and brands more online?
  4. How should retailers address consumers during this crisis?
  5. Is the consumer expecting something new in this crisis?
  6. How can you build trust digitally and make it tangible?

About Alex Genov, Head of Customer Research,

Alex is an experienced customer research professional who applies his Experimental Social Psychology background and his passion for research, design, and innovation to solving important customer and business problems. His professional goal is to help teams create remarkable products and services which make people's lives easier and more enjoyable.

Currently Alex is leading Customer Research for the Zappos Family of Companies.  In previous positions, he was responsible for research and usability of the products and services for companies like TurboTax (Intuit), State Farm Insurance, and the Active Network.   He has 20 years of relevant experience – 5 years of academic research and 15 years of customer research in the software industry.  Alex received his PhD in Experimental Social Psychology from Clark University.   His areas of research include: defining and measuring emotions, individual differences, usability, and consumer segmentation.

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