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The Metaverse Is Not Dead: Defying the Rumors of Its Demise

With attention recently shifting to generative AI (artificial intelligence), are we seeing the demise of the metaverse? We explore recent metaverse-related developments—both positive and unfavorable—that paint a picture of the current state and long-term potential of the metaverse. We lay out what brands, retailers and solution providers need to know to drive success in the virtual world.

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Luxury in the Metaverse: Recent Developments and Future Potential

We believe that the metaverse is set for tremendous growth and that luxury’s role will grow increasingly prominent. We present examples of recent developments in the space by luxury brands and explore the future potential of the luxury metaverse, including the technology innovators that are supporting the luxury metaverse and key considerations for players looking to build a virtual presence.

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Retail-Tech Landscape: Reality Technologies Enabling Brands and Retailers To Offer Immersive Shopping Experiences

Brands and retailers leverage immersive technologies including augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to replicate physical shopping experiences and interactions in a digital environment or enhance their brick-and-mortar spaces. This Retail-Tech Landscape comprises selected startups globally that provide reality technology solutions.

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