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Data Dive: When Will US Grocery Unit Growth Turn Positive?

US grocery retailing has seen unit volume sales decline almost continuously, year over year, since early 2021. In this Data Dive, we review recent data and commentary on grocery CPG unit volume sales and provide our expectations on when we are likely to see an inflection point in growth.

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Data Dive: Global Tech Layoffs—Cyclical or Structural?

We review data on layoffs in the global technology industry and pose the question of whether workforce reductions are cyclical, due to a slower economic cycle and a reaction to pandemic-era expansion, or structural, amid the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and generative AI (GenAI).

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Data Dive: UK Retail Sales Outlook 2023

In this Data Dive, we consider a number of major macroeconomic indicators and their likely effect on UK retail sales. We include our proprietary projections for year-over-year retail sales growth, month by month.

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