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Weekly Retail Promo Update Sep 25, 2016

Executive Summary

  • Bloomingdale’s is offering fewer promotions this week than it did during the same week last year. The retailer offered up to two online-exclusive promotions last year that it is not offering this year.
  • JCPenney is offering more promotions this week versus the same week last year, when the retailer offered customers only a VIP event promotion. JCPenney is offering up to four different promotions this year, including a VIP event similar to last year’s.
  • Kohl’s is running fewer sales this year than it did during the same week last year. The company promoted its Kohl’s Card and Cash last year, but is not promoting them this week. Kohl’s ran sales for more days last year: some lasted up to 10 days, but this week’s sales are running only for up to two days.
  • Macy’s is running a similar number of promotional sales as it did during this week last year. The company is offering a unique Macy’s Money promotion this week. It is also featuring a Clinique promotion this week, while last year it offered an Estée Lauder promotion.

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