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Insights Video: US Retail and Consumer Outlook

What's Inside

In this Insights Video, we discuss the US retail and consumer outlook. We consider whether real declines in retail sales will continue, whether US retail is overinflated, why we may be entering an era of renewed services spending—and why the consumer economy resembles a game of chutes and ladders. 

Data in this report include: 

  • US retail sales—recent growth rates, real multi-year expansion and Coresight Research growth projections 
  • Proprietary Coresight Research US survey data on consumers’ reactions to inflation in retail 
  • The balance between consumer spending on retail goods and discretionary services 
  • Consumers’ excess savings levels and the pace of depletion 
  • Coresight Research survey data on US consumers’ savings firepower 
  • Consumer credit levels and asset-price changes 

Other relevant research:

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