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US Packaged Foods Outlook—Sticky Consumer Habits and Price Hikes To Support Outsized Growth

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Packaged foods saw substantial growth during the pandemic, due to their convenience and increased grocery retail demand. We expect some pandemic-led behaviors to stick around, leading to strong category growth despite several external headwinds. This Category Outlook examines the US packaged foods category, including:

  • The trajectory of the US packaged foods category—a $284.4 billion industry—including headwinds, tailwinds and other market factors
  • The competitive landscape of US packaged foods, including the top CPG companies in the category and what innovations they are pursuing
  • Key themes we are watching in this category in 2022, like wellness and vegan products

For more information on the US CPG market, read our US CPG Market Outlook and US CPG Sales Tracker series.

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Packaged Foods: Performance and Outlook

Market Factors

Competitive Landscape

Themes We Are Watching

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