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December 2018 US Monthly Retail Traffic and In-Store Metrics Report: Traffic Recovers After an Early-December Lull

Executive Summary

Coresight Research’s monthly reports keep you up to date on US and UK retail sales, US retail traffic and in-store metrics, selected US retailers’ same-store sales and key global consumer indicators. Click here to view our full collection of Monthly Reports.

Our US Monthly Retail Traffic and In-Store Metrics Report reviews year-over-year changes in selected store-based metrics, including sales, traffic and conversion rates.

Highlights from our December Retail Traffic report:

  • In store-based traffic and sales shrank in December. Retail traffic declined 5.9% year over year during December. While the conversion rate declined by 0.7 percentage points, average transaction value grew 3.1%, and product returns increased by 1 percentage point.
  • That said, the lull in early December was partly compensated in the second half of the month: Traffic increased 11.9% in the fourth week and 9.1% in the fifth week (which includes Christmas to New Years), year over year. In-store net sales increased 9.8% in the fourth week and 13.3% in the fifth week. Average transaction value (ATV) stood out as the only metric that registered growth in each week of the month.
  • Regionally, the Northeast experienced the largest year-over-year decline in traffic at 9.6%, while the Midwest registered the smallest decline at 2.8%. The South experienced the largest year-over-year in-store sales decline, down 8.8%, while sales in the Midwest dipped 3.0%, the smallest regional decline.

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