US Monthly Retail Traffic and In-Store Metrics Report: Post-Holiday Fatigue and Inclement Weather Drive Underwhelming January Traffic


Key Points

  • Traffic declined 10.7% year over year in January. While the conversion rate grew 0.4 percentage points, average transaction value (ATV) grew 5.5%, and the product return rate declined by 2.4 percentage points.
  • January performance varied over the course of the four weeks, with in-store net sales declining between 6.3% and 8.1% and traffic declining between 6.9% and 16.5%, with the second week of the month being the worst performing for both metrics. ATV and shopper yield registered growth in each week of the month.
  • The Midwest experienced the largest year-over-year decline in traffic at 17.5%, while the South registered the smallest decline at 5.8%. The Midwest experienced the largest year-over-year in-store sales decline, down 16.8%, while the West registered the lowest dip in sales, down 1.4%.

All regions posted sales and traffic declines in January compared to the same period last year. The Midwest registered the largest year-over-year decline in traffic of all regions at 17.5%, owing to severe weather conditions. With warmer and wetter conditions, the South experienced the lowest decline, at 5.8%.

The Midwest also recorded the largest year-over-year in-store sales decline among all regions, down 16.8%, whereas the West, which enjoyed warmer and drier conditions, reported the smallest decline, down 1.4%.

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