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US Grocery E-Commerce: Sustained Shifts in Fulfillment and Service Models To Drive Long-Term Growth

What's Inside

Covid-19 has catalyzed the widespread adoption of online shopping in grocery, driving fundamental, lasting changes in consumer behavior. In this report, we provide an essential briefing on recent shifts in the US grocery e-commerce market and present an outlook for the future, with a focus on fulfillment and service models—including BOPIS and curbside pickup.

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What’s the Story? 

Why It Matters 

US Online Food and Beverage Market Size and Growth 

Key Operating Models 

Fulfillment Models 

Centralized Fulfillment 

Store-Based Fulfillment 

Fulfillment Models: A Comparison 

Service Models 

Home delivery 

BOPIS & Curbside Pickup 

Fulfillment and Service Models Employed by Selected Retailers 

Online Grocery Models: Profitability 

Major Themes Across the Market 

Hyperlocal Delivery Services Capitalize on Grocers’ Need To Scale Online Quickly 

Dark Stores: Growth amid the Pandemic and Future Prospects 

Grocery Brands Jump Into DTC Fray 

What We Think 

Implications for Brands/Retailers 

Implications for Technology Vendors 

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