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Understanding the Livestreaming Opportunity: Global Retail Executive Survey Findings

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What's Inside

We explore the fast-growing livestreaming e-commerce channel, leveraging findings from a Coresight Research survey of retail executives from around the world.

We cover the following key topics:

  • Retail investments in, and expectations for, livestreaming e-commerce
  • Diverse livestreaming approaches and innovations
  • Live shopping in the metaverse and other emerging technologies

This report was produced in partnership with the Retail Innovation Conference and Expo (RICE), an event organizer that provides engaging and educational digital events worldwide. The report is sponsored by Firework, a shoppable-video and livestreaming e-commerce solution provider.

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Understanding the Livestreaming Opportunity: Coresight Research x RICE Analysis

Retail Investments in, and Expectations for, Livestreaming E-Commerce

Diverse Livestreaming Approaches and Innovations

Live Shopping in the Metaverse and Other Emerging Technologies

What We Think

Implications for Brands/Retailers


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