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The New Value Retailers: Online Marketplaces Challenge Brick-and-Mortar Budget Formats

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The value retail sector is expanding beyond traditional brick-and-mortar budget formats (including discount variety retailers such as dollar stores) with the emergence of online value marketplaces. E-commerce platforms that have adopted value positionings have seen success over the past few years. We see their growth as presenting challenges to predominantly offline retailers in the value retail sector.

We discuss the key e-commerce players in the increasingly competitive global value retail sector. Our focus is on the US, the UK and China.


What’s the Story?

Why It Matters

The New Value Retailers—Online Marketplaces: In Detail

Established Online Value Marketplaces: Pinduoduo and Wish

Amazon: Low-Priced Third-Party Sellers and Dynamic Pricing

Emerging Online Value Marketplaces

Online Value Marketplaces Enable the Shift to Value

What We Think

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