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The 12 Weeks of Holidays: #9—Warmer Weather Expected for the Thanksgiving-Black Friday Holiday Weekend

What's Inside

This report is part of The 12 Weeks of Holidays series, in which we present key data, trends and observations as we count down to the peak holiday season. In this report, we explore how the weather this holiday season will affect consumer demand in US retail.

We discuss the following key topics:

  • The significance of weather analytics in demand forecasting, as well as inventory and assortment optimization
  • A comparison of the weather forecasts for November and December this year compared to last year, including implications for retailers
  • The impact of the forecast for November (including the weekend of Thanksgiving and Black Friday) on weather-driven demand
  • Expected weather-driven demand for selected items, such as cold-weather apparel and hot foods, across specific US locations
  • The implications of the forecast for December on demand for weather-related items

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