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Sustainability Insights: The Hidden Costs of Retail Returns

What's Inside

Retail returns are looming large in the executive suite at many retailers due to the rapid growth of e-commerce. In this free report, we discuss the costs—financial and environmental—of retail returns. Using Coresight Research’s EnCORE framework for sustainability in retail, we explore how retailers can minimize returns and thus address their impact on the environment while improving profits.

With a focus on the US market, we consider the top causes of returns and the growing role of technology in returns reduction, with highlights from 3DLOOK, Newmine and Returnly.

This report is sponsored by Newmine, a retail-tech innovator that is disrupting the returns management market.

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What’s the Story?

Why It Matters

Retail Returns: In Detail

How Do Returns Impact the Environment?

How Can Retailers Work Toward Sustainability in Returns?

Top Causes of Returns

High Returns Rates in the Apparel Sector

The Growing Role of Technology in Returns Reduction

What We Think

Implications for Brands/Retailers

Implications for Real Estate Firms

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